2017 Honda Rebel 500cc CMX500 Review

So today we’re out on the 2017 Honda Rebel 500cc CMX500 and just looking at this right now it’s a nice bike it’s a very nice bike. I really love this kind of high tank configuration. Just look at that that’s awesome. It’s an interesting one as well because see if I can get this that you can see so I mean the back tires fairly normal but especially when we come around the front there’s a chunky ass tire, look at that. That’s a well chunky tire it’ suits it though, it does suit the style of the bike, does make it look very nice.

Right so what have we got going on here, parallel-twin water cooled now this is a cruiser style bite so it’s interesting that it’s got a parallel twin engine but it’s obviously been done for a reason. The main reason being the Honda have several 500cc models out they all use pretty much the same engine so when they bought this out it made sense to use the same one, I mean why would you spend money you know refining processes and stuff to put a v-twin in this when this will do just fine. obviously it is geared a bit differently it’s geared for low down torque in this particular bike but I think it’s a really good choice of engine actually, it’s got good low down power it’s compact it’s relatively lightweight. The other thing I find about it is it’s a lot smoother one problem I have with cruisers generally is the v-twin engine does tend to vibrate a bit through the chassis and when you’re going along I personally find that a bit tiring, this engine is very smooth it’s very nice it really just kind of makes you want to ride the bike all day long.

Which unfortunately I can’t I can only ride it for half an hour but there we go and so quickly before we go out and actually ride the thing I’ll just go through the rest of the styling. So obviously its got an exposed frame, there’s not much in the way of plastic on it but the plastic that is on it is a good quality.

The exhaust system looks ok I mean on the back it looks a bit naff but then you know if you buy this like you’re probably going to customize it anyway you’re going to stick a different exhaust system on it so that’s not going to an issue. Brakes are in a really good place you know you’re not going to get too much shit from the road going up into those at the back that’s brilliant. What else chain drive there’s really not a lot else to say about it. I’ll just give you guys a kind of view of it yeah look at that that is nice, very pretty indeed. Right let get on it. Right so first thing’s first the seat very comfortable very comfortable indeed I like it’s very nice.

The seat position when you’ve got your foot on the peg’s it’s how do I describe it? because it’s not full-on cruiser you’ve not got your feet forward in the kind of Harley style full-on cruiser thing but your feet are further forward than your back side now for me being a bit taller I find my knees are quite high up but then so is the tank so it all kind of works very well actually. I was a bit unsure when I first sat on it it felt a bit weird but once I rode it for a couple of seconds it kind of made sense and started to feel very comfortable very comfortable indeed actually.

All right let’s turn her on so we’ve got a very simple display here it’s all digital you know fuel, miles per hour, how many miles you’ve done all that kind of stuff indicators, its got ABS as with pretty much all bikes these days yeah does apart form that its all very simple we’ve got a hazard switch, lights, horn. Actually I do like this on this bike the indicators are still in a awkward place but it’s a bit less awkward because the horn button is a little bit smaller than on some of the other model’s so you’re less likely to hit it accidentally.

yeah apart from that it’s a very simple bike but it’s a very nice bike. Right let’s get out on the road, it’s all very well talking about it but let’s take it out for a run. Get my feet in the right place, this is the thing I keep wanting to put my feet a bit further forward than that you need to go just took a bit of getting used to. Right so we’re going to go up there I think and then we going to spin around and go back there. So the engine has got a nice amount of pull to it, a lot of low-down torque and it just pulled’s away nicely. these big chunky tires as well are very reassuring. So I’m used to riding thing’s like a Suzuki van van and stuff like that have got very fat tires I tend to find that that kind of makes you feel a bit more stable and on this bike is great because it’s got a little bit of extra weight behind it but it’s all low down I mean you don’t feel it you don’t feel the weight at all but you can feel that it’s a planted bike.

You feel that it’s not going to suddenly disappear from underneath you or anything it’s got good connection with the road it really does make for a very reassuring ride. the only thing I find slightly annoying is whenyou’ve got the indicators on it flushes both arrows. regardless of which one’s actually on so yeah. Pulls away so smoothly this is a very nice bike. It’s powerful enough as well. Handles quite nicely actually it is a cruiser so you can expect to be able to chuck it around quite so easily as you would something like a dirt bike or whatever but at the same time you can chuck it around quite well. Pulls really really nicely I mean they’ve tuned this engine really well actually.

I’ve ridden can’t remember which one it was the cb500 I think it’s exactly the same engine but you can definitely tell in this bike they geared it and tuned it for that lowdown grunt and it really does make a difference. The sound of the bike as well actually at some point I will pull over and give you guys the sound of the exhaust but the standard exhaust doesn’t sound too bad. Again if you buy the bike you’re probably going to want to put an aftermarket one on it anyway but yeah. Oh god she is comfortable though she’s really comfortable and I like the matte finish as well it’s a matte finish paint on the tank on everything else This is a very very comfortable bike, I’m actually very impressed I don’t usually like this style of bike.

Normally on a cruiser so i rode a what was it a Victory hammer s and normally on the cruisers I find as you’re going along the wind tries to separate your leg make you do the splits almost, the faster you go the more it tries to wrench you open like the back leg’s of a chicken. but this doesn’t do that it just I don’t know but it’s something about the position stuff like that just just isn’t trying to do that to me at all. She’s lovely. You know I might actually be converted I don’t you know this is probably my least favourite kind of bike normally but I think in this case I might actually be converted to liking them. The suspensions lovely as well it really soaks up the bumps I mean it’s not too soft, it,s firm enough to give it good handling but at the same time it’s soft enough that when you do go over a bump or whatever it soaks it up nicely, it doesn’t send the shock up through your body or anything else.

This is really really good. I’ll tell you what if anyone if you’re looking at buying one of these bikes I go for it it is really nice. Right lets open her up. She pulls so well, for a 500 she pulls really nicely. I imagine once you start getting towards the top end she’ll probably start to lose a bit of power but bearing in mind this is a parallel twin and parallel twins are not known for being particularly low down grunty engines that why they usually have V-twins because they are low down and grunty but this is great. Its almost a bit of a hooligan bike as well because I really want to open the throttle and give it the beans just to feel that initial pull, it’s really quite nice.

Right so yeah I mean riding in traffic as well obviously because it’s so comfortable to sit on this bike you don’t mind too much if you get stuck behind someone because the engine it’s got smooth power the whole way through it doesn’t you do get some bikes and some engines that at lower speeds they just make you feel like you want to go fast so they feel like they don’t like going slowly and then you get other bikes that go slow and feel like they’re struggling when they’re going fast.

This bike just has linear power the whole way through it doesn’t matter if you’re going slow fast whatever it just feels good. I mean I feel totally relaxed on this bike I don’t feel don’t feel like I want to go race anyone any time soon but then at the same time maybe I do. I could go out all day on this. and so far these big fat ties really give me confidence in the corners you As I said before with these tires you really feel like you chuck the bike around and not have to worry much about it. Here’s a bit of a hill lets do some hill climbing. yeah see its just nothing. This thing goes up hills like there nothing.

I don’t even know I mean I don’t know how well it comes out on the video whether you can see how steep this hill actually is but this bike doesn’t even notice, just climbs up like it’s nothing at all. right I’m going to probably have to turn around and go back soon so once I get to the top of this hill I’ll probably turn around and go back the other way The low down grunt on this things brilliant. Brakes are really good on this actually. Really very impressive with the brakes again it’s because of those big tires as well, that and the ABS just makes it feel very safe and secure. Right here we go that will do nicely. So nope going to move forward a bit because that is not very stable ground. Right so I think that will do. nope not stable enough bit further forward. There we go.

So overall I really really quite like this bike I’m very impressed. just before I do finish let’s give you guys an idea of what it sounds like is Yeah that’s not too bad for a standar d exhaust system. you can obviously put an aftermarket one there it’s going to sound a lot better.2017 Honda Rebel 500cc CMX500 Review2017 Honda Rebel 500cc CMX500 Review2017 Honda Rebel 500cc CMX500 Review2017 Honda Rebel 500cc CMX500 Review2017 Honda Rebel 500cc CMX500 Review2017 Honda Rebel 500cc CMX500 Review


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