2018 Toyota Camry Review

2018 Toyota Camry Review

2018 Toyota Camry Review


No longer content resting on its laurels toyota has aggressively redesigned the camry for 2015 to be honest it probably need to do too much it’s already the best-selling car out there but what they did they did a lot it’s new from the ground up with the chassis that’s lower longer stronger and wider camry hasn’t been cars coms favorite vehicle in a midsize sedan challenge it placed seventh out of ninth but a lot has changed for 2018 in summary. it’s good why did the kamilly finished seventh internal s comparison well a lot of it was it didn’t drive particularly well and there are numerous safety features advanced safety features like collision avoidance and blind spot and lane departure assist.

That just weren’t widely available on the more popular trim levels and both have been addressed in big ways for 2018 the new Camry drives so much better that new chassis has done wonders to the way the car drives both in ride quality and handling now previously on some of the sporty or Camry models the SC and the XS II they rode rough the suspension crashed over bumps but there really wasn’t much reward and handling that has been completely flipped for 2018 the SE and the XS II handled

really well and ride quality is good which is kind of amazing to actually say that because they’re able to do it without any adaptive suspension or you know trick shock absorbers the SE and the XS II use unique shock and spring Tooting now the whole suspension has been redone there’s different shock tuning up front from the McPherson struts and then in back the double wishbone suspension is all-new and what that means is this is the Camry that drives really well it hugs the corner more so than you would expect for this kind of car the new Camry has a very very refined ride so the Camry drives great in the SE and xsv models

but what about the base model you know the le the xle well those drive well – all of that same suspension goodness and chassis strengthening works really well on the base models – overall just a much more pleasant vehicle to drive in any way you cut it highway in the corners now the big difference comes in wheel size the XL e which is larger wheel has a little bit more wheel motion we are going over bumps the ride is a little busier than the Le which has a very small wheel and a tall side well tire that soaks up the bumps a little better if you’re looking for the most comfortable cami the Le are the ones I’ve driven say on this introductory drive is the one that you want so there are two new engines for 2018 the 4-cylinder is all new and the v6 is kind of a worked over version of what’s been available previously so four cylinder is going to make up most of Camry sales now the chassis is new the suspension is new but there’s a 2.5 liter four-cylinder that makes 203 or 206 horsepower depending if you buy the sporty or trim levels it’s pretty good engine

a lot of automakers have switched to turbochargers for their base engines small displacement turbocharged engines but Toyota has stuck with a rather large displacement 2.5 liter and it works I mean it has a lot of low-end grunt for being naturally aspirated and it pulls the cam very well my one gripe with it though is the noise it’s a little grainy sounding engine and it doesn’t sound very refined even though power is great fuel economy is good to up to 41 miles per gallon on the highway in some trim levels but it’s not a completely refined sounding engine now the other option which only 5% of people will buy according to Toyota is the v6 now this is the engine that wants to fry the tires it’s a lot of power and the new 8-speed transmission that’s on both the four-cylinder and six-cylinder manages the power very well it has it’s very refined growl and a surprisingly quick for what it is that we fix engine in the sporty XSP package it’s a car very few people are going to buy

but that is the most exciting car in the Camry lineup and it’s still kind of weird saying fun and exciting when you’re talking about a Toyota Camry but they did it with the 2018 there’s a lot of new technology inside Camry and it all should sound somewhat familiar if you’re shopping for a midsize sedan but with Camry does is combine it all in one package so on higher-end trim levels you have options like an around view monitor a head-up display and 4G in-car wireless internet but there haven’t been a car in the segment to combine all of those until now you have to pay for it because it’s on the top-end trim levels but it creates a very unique package and all the features on their own are done pretty well the head-up display it’s very detailed and it can give you a tachometer as well as an economy gauge to show you how efficient you’re driving as well as the adaptive cruise control setting and lane departure warning the 4G Wireless is the fastest 4G enough for three be some Carter still using and then there’s the backup camera the around view monitor which is

honestly it’s done that or in other places the screen here the resolution isn’t the greatest with the cameras and sometimes it’s hard to see where the curb is the interior size is pretty familiar there’s a ton of leg room up front there’s a bunch of legroom out back and Headroom and that’s good because when we’re reading the specs it says the seating position is lower to create a sleeker roofline its vehicles overall lower so it was a little worried that it would fit lower to the ground be harder to get in and out of but that’s not the case it’s just like getting how does the old Camry but you get that benefit of this very sleek look and a little lower center of gravity for handling but there’s a lot of room inside a Camry and in the trunk about cargo room though the backseat on the base model doesn’t fold it’s a fixed back seat you have to buy one of the upper trim levels on the Le and above to get that folding backseat now even then it’s not a very large opening compared to stores competitors the quality of the Camrys interior is a big step up compared with the old one on this top xle trim level you’re looking at soft touch surfaces all over the place in the front and in the back on lower end trim levels the back seat isn’t as covered in nice materials as the top trim levels the door panels are hard plastic instead of padded in this nice material but up front it’s relatively consistent between the trim levels with a few pieces of interior trim that’s difference between the models now as far as safety features that’s where we not be family before

but as they come back as standard forward collision warning with automatic braking and pedestrian detection as well as a lane keep assist and an adaptive cruise control now the base model and some of the lower end trim levels the adaptive cruise control is high speed only which means once you get to around 25 miles an hour it B activates but a higher trim levels it’s a full speed adaptive cruise control which who slows you down all the way to a shop the Camrys touchscreen is very notable because it has all of the tactile interaction that we want there’s a volume knob there’s a tuning knob all of the buttons have individual tactile buttons instead of capacitive buttons as far as the software and what’s in it standard you have a seven-inch screen and in the XLE here we are in the optional 8 inch screen there are numerous versions of this engine system the base bill and in all four cylinders comes with the system that has GPS calc which is an app that you can download and for the first three years it’s free before becomes a subscription-based service but that app on your phone then talks with the car and displays navigation in the screen now it’s a lot like apple carplay and android auto except you have to download an app and then after three years you have to pay for it that should give you a clue that there’s still no apple carplay or android auto in the camry or any toyota for that matter right now they are sticking with their proprietary engine system on this model you have into apps with apps like Pandora iHeartRadio slacker Yelp and MVR the Camry does have Siri eyes free which iphones can use you can talk to your phone and communicate commands from your phone like text messages and calls through series i3.

 2018 Toyota Camry Review2018 Toyota Camry Review2018 Toyota Camry Review2018 Toyota Camry Review

2018 Toyota Camry Review


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